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Welcome to Thriving Lifestyles!

What is Thriving Lifestyles?

Thriving Lifestyles represents a movement of healthy living that aspires to help women create their lifestyle that works for them, on their terms, their way! 

We promote the basics that help women to engage in life long participation of healthy living. We are advocates for the process of thriving, rather than the fast attained and quickly lost results that many of us strive for. 

Thriving Lifestyles has a core focus on improving the life that we already have. To work with what we've been given and turn it into something that we can be proud of and excited to get up out of bed for!

We understand that everyone is dealing with their own struggles and no two women are the same. We also know that there are fundamental requirements to living a healthy lifestyle such as regular exercise, healthy eating, adequate sleep, hydration, rest and many other basic lifestyle habits that simply go unnoticed and are merely undervalued and under utilised. 

It is for this reason that it has been out mission to bring these fundamentals back into fashion and empower women to implement them on a daily basis so they can prevent, control and even overcome their health conditions, injuries or illnesses so they can enjoy a fulfilling, exciting and active life that's created on their terms!


We help you discover what a healthy lifestyle means to you, and support you to achieve it.

You see, when we struggle with areas of our life that we wish were better, like our weight, happiness, health, fitness, stress or any other areas of our lives, we often overlook our habits, behaviours and routines that usually get us to this point in the first place!

We believe that everyone's answers are already within them, we help women that are struggling to find those answers to figure them out themselves and get the results they deserve! No one should feel tired, crappy, frustrated, lethargic, stressed, unmotivated or unhappy every day, yet many do.! Which is why we are creating this movement, and why we want you to jump on board too.


Thriving Lifestyles is not a program or a 'short term solution'. It is a movement of healthy living and it's founded on what works for you!

Our Thrive Movement allows us to guide women to change and remove the habits and routines that shape our lives now, and create new ones to support the ideal life we want to have. We help find balance, transform habits and create a thriving mindset that allows us to achieve our goals. We do this by taking out the overwhelm of 'quick fixes' that no one can stick to. We take it slow and make it meaningful by matching it up with individual, personal goals.


We all have a choice, and we choose to Thrive!


Let's create your healthy lifestyle!

Our Philosophy

We believe that living a healthy lifestyle is all about creating healthy habits and behaviours that work for you to create your best life. Everyone deserves to feel and look amazing and shouldn't be held back by all the conflicting information out there that tells us how to live a certain way. We all have our own lifestyle that works for us for the most part. Sometimes though, there are aspects of our lives that we wish to improve that drives us to seek change. 


We know that everyone is different and no 'one size fits all' program will ever change that. This is why we created Thriving Lifestyles. To be able to meet the individual where they are now and work within their lifestyle while guiding them down the path of small sustainable changes. We know that with our 'Thrive' mindset, support and guidance, we can all start living our best lives, one small habit at a time!

We help empower women to create their own healthy lifestyle through simplifying many effective strategies that are made to appear complicated and overwhelming but really can be so simple.  

It is our overall goal to provide women with the tools they need to trust their own abilities to pave their own way without being reliant on quick-fix programs or resorting to living a life that doesn't serve them.   

We are Jess and Dave from Thriving Lifestyles and we welcome you to come and Thrive with us too!

What our Amazing Thrivers say!

'I can't recommend these guys enough. They are always happy to help, no matter what your needs may be. They are very welcoming, supportive and very down to earth people who help you with easy, guided learning. 
I have lost 12kilos while working with Thriving Lifestyles.

The workouts are easy to follow with great explanations & videos. They are so much better than having to get yourself to a gym when you don't have the time! Joining with these guys is just great value for your time and money. Thanks Dave and Jess' - Kimberley McCourt

'I have just completed my first 6 week Burn & Thrive Program with Jess and Dave. I loved the structured home workouts and they nutritional support and guidance all the way, from them and the Thrive Tribe! I lost  a total of 11.5 Centimetres from my waist and 2-3 Centimetres from my arms and legs. This has been the best decision I have ever made. l'm looking forward to the next challenge and I can't thank you guys enough!' - Ebony Hebbard

'My first experience with Thriving Lifestyles has been so rewarding. With the support and experience from Dave and Jessica, changing my habits slowly has created a better and healthier lifestyle. The support given by the whole group gives that little extra push to keep going. I’m looking forward to many more challenges to take part in.' - Lesa Quinn 

'I would ABSOLUTELY recommend working with Jess and Dave from Thriving Lifestyles to anyone who needs the help and guidance to start! I am currently participating in the 16 Week Burn & Thrive Program, however I have participated in and enjoyed other Challenges that Jess and Dave have run. I love that they are so supportive, no matter what fitness level or participating level you are at. Fail is not a word, it's a mindset and they help you to overcome this. They provide the motivation, tools and inspiration to make small changes in your lifestyle, one step at a time - no pressure.

This then ensures that your lifestyle changes are attainable and there is no ‘guilt’ if you ‘fall off track’ as such. They always check in and provide motivational encouragement. THANK YOU SO MUCH, for the encouragement you have given me to make those changes for a healthier, more active lifestyle.' - Sonya Heffer

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We help you create your own Thriving Lifestyle so you can enjoy your health, become your own expert and kick life's ass, daily!