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" Our health isn't driven by dieting and shame! It's created by doing more of the things we love! "

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Although there are many contributing factors in our lives that help us to continue living a healthy, happy lifestyle, there are two main areas that hold a significant amount of influence on where we are today. These are our exercise and nutrition habits!

Exercising and eating in ways that are both enjoyable and easy, as well as supportive of our goals can be a hard thing to achieve! We have found this to be the case in ourselves and many people we have helped too. If you've struggled with exercise or nutrition too, and would like a bit of help, grab a copy of our Health Recipe eBook & our 6 Week Home Workout eBook below.

What our Amazing Thrivers say!

"I can't recommend these guys enough. They are always happy to help, no matter what your needs may be. They are very welcoming, supportive and very down to earth people who help you with easy, guided learning. I have lost 12 kilos while working with Thriving Lifestyles. Thanks Dave and Jess" - Kimberley McCourt

"This has been the best decision I have ever made. l'm looking forward to the next challenge and I can't thank you guys enough!" - Ebony Hebbard

"My first experience with Thriving Lifestyles has been so rewarding. With the support and experience from Dave and Jessica, changing my habits slowly has created a better and healthier lifestyle. The support given by the whole group gives that little extra push to keep going. I’m looking forward to many more challenges to take part in." - Lesa Quinn 

'I would ABSOLUTELY recommend working with Jess and Dave from Thriving Lifestyles to anyone who needs the help and guidance to start! I am currently participating in their coaching program. I love that they are so supportive, no matter what health or fitness level you're at. Fail is not a word, it's a mindset and they help you to overcome this. They provide the motivation, tools and inspiration to make small changes in your lifestyle, one step at a time - no pressure.  They have helped me make changes that are achievable and meaningful in improving my life. THANK YOU SO MUCH, for the encouragement you have given me to make those changes for a healthier, more active lifestyle.' - Sonya Heffer

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