What is The Burn & Thrive?

Our 6 Week Burn & Thrive Program is delivered in a private Facebook Group with a small amount of like minded women all working towards similar goals together.

It is a step-by-step guide to follow along that helps build independence and confidence in achieving your goals. This program is designed for women who want to improve fitness, become leaner & stronger but also want to make lifelong, healthy changes to their lifestyle. 


The 6 Week Burn & Thrive Program has a core focus of exercising regularly and eating well, while creating small, healthy habits over time that enhance your current life without making dramatic unsustainable changes that simply don't last long term. These habits are designed to gel seamlessly into your lifestyle, with no hassle or hard work. There are no magic tricks or quick fixes here, just real, sustainable results with real, amazing women!


Why this Program Works:

We know that EVERYONE is different, right? We all need different things in our lives to really help us THRIVE!

This is why we designed our Burn & Thrive Program as an online, group format. We have found that a lot of the time, we don't need anything extravagant to get results... it's actually quite basic really! However, what we do need quite often, is the support and guidance to help us stay motivated, inspired, educated, engaged and accountable to the process of change. 

This is the piece of the puzzle that most of us are missing in our journey to better health, reaching our goals and seeing results from our efforts to change.

Our Burn & Thrive Program does exactly this! We use this platform as a coaching model where both Dave and I are there every step of the way, working along side our members. Offering help, guidance, support and showing our members that each journey is different and that it is all part of the process!

We bring back the enjoyment element that has very much disappeared in the health and fitness industry!

What’s in the program:

Program Outline - How to really get your ‘Thrive’ on!

Habits 101 - How to Start New Habits That Actually Stick

                  - List of Key Habits to Start Implementing One-                      By-One


Nutrition Guidelines - Food for Thought

                                   - Tips for Improving Your Nutrition


Menu Planning - Weekly Menu Planner


Goal Setting - SMART Goals Are Effective Goals


Results Tracking - Weight, Measurements, Photos,                                           Feelings & Progress Questions


Mini Motivator Challenge - Daily Fitness Challenge!


Exercise - Fitness Testing, Workouts and Weekly Habits

Our Next Burn & Thrive Program Starts On Sunday The 1st Of September! 

We Also Have A Do-It-Yourself Burn & Thrive Version Available

What Our Members Say:

'These past 6 weeks have been amazing! I've always (since i was little) been 'bigger' and have struggled with my weight, health and other issues. After participating in the Burn & Thrive program over the last 6 weeks, I can honestly say that I have never felt better! I have changed my habits and have seen some great results! I'm proud of myself for even seeing little differences in my body shape and life goals! I really want to thank you both for creating this program and for the motivation and support that you give. Even though it's only been 6 weeks, I feel that you both have helped me start the rest of my life and have kicked me into gear. I have already made changes in so many ways! 

I have suffered from PCOS from the age of 16 and from that, my weight has just pilled on over the years. So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!' - Ebony Hebbard

'I found the program so easy to navigate and I love that it got me to think about the basics and go from there!
I really like that the exercises can be done at home and I don’t always have to go to the gym to do them' -
Caitlin Smith

'I can't believe the 6 weeks is nearly up. It's been so good to be able to do It at home, without a home gym. I have loved the challenges and I have nearly tried all the recipes in the Healthy Recipe eBook. I'm feeling a lot better since minimising my sugar and upping my water intake.

Over the last 6 weeks, I lost a total of 4 kilos, dropped 2cm's off my hips and 4cm's off my tummy! Very, very happy' - Rachel Rampling