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Who are we, and what are we about?

Well, that’s a good question, so why don't we find out!

As a Certified Personal Trainer for over 11 years, A Physical Education Teacher and a certified Wellness Coach, Dave has a strong passion for helping people. He has worked with many women over the years, helping them to enjoy creating positive changes in their lifestyles that they continue on with throughout their lives.

As a Certified Functional Nutrition Coach, Wellness Coach and a self proclaimed Multiple Sclerosis Warrior, I too have a burning desire to share and support women in making small, sustainable, healthy changes that improves their lives and lasts their lifetime! 

You see, like a a lot of people out there, we too got sucked into the 'short game' where all those appealing Weight Loss and Summer Shred Programs looked too bloody good to pass up! We jumped on the fads, this one to the next and even back again! It took us a damn long time to start figuring this whole 'life journey' thing out... apparently life goes on when you finish a 6 Week Summer Shred.... and you have to keep doing uncomfortable things, avoiding things, measuring things and doing all kinds of crazy things just to keep any results you achieved in that short time!

Who knew? Who knew that the short game was a trap? We didn't!

But, like most things, we had to discover this the hard way! And through our negative experiences and our many disappointments, we damn well did!

And it helped us like you could never believe!

Over those years, we've learnt a thing or two about the 'norms' of which we 'should' be following.. or at least that's what we are made to believe, and just how far away from reality they can be! We know and understand that all of you amazing women are completely different from each other and no one 'best' approach will ever cater for everyones needs in a meaningful way. As much as people try to make that happen, and we want to believe it can happen, it should never happen that way!

As well as all this, we have also seen a need for a change in the system. A change for us, and a change for you too. What is being currently portrayed, just isn't working and we are all paying for it!


So, here we are! We are the deadly duo, flipping this whole 'Health & Fitness' thing right back on its head! I mean, after all, how complicated does this stuff really need to be? Why don't we just simplify it, create an exciting movement, jump on board and enjoy the ride! Doesn't that just make so much more sense?

We're in this for a life that we can be proud of, that makes us happy and doesn't leave us constantly chasing the 'quick fix' for every little problem we face. We are here to develop a lifestyle that actually works for us and we're so thrilled that we can help you too.


We are Thrivers. We all have a choice, and we choose to Thrive!

Jess & Dave.

Thriving Lifestyles

Thriving Lifestyles

Thriving Lifestyles represents a movement of healthy living that aspires to help you create your own healthy lifestyle that works for you, on your terms, your way! 

We help you to make small changes that shape your lifestyle the way you want it to be. Celebrating the process of thriving, rather than the fast attained and quickly lost results that many of us strive for. 

Thriving Lifestyles has a core focus on improving the life that we already have. To work with what we've been given and turn it into something that we can be proud of and excited to get up out of bed for!

We help you discover what a healthy lifestyle means to you, and support you to achieve it.

We believe that everyone's answers are already within them, we help women that are struggling to find those answers to figure them out themselves and get the results they deserve! No one should feel tired, crappy, frustrated, lethargic, stressed, unmotivated or unhappy every day, yet many do.! Which is why we are creating this movement, and why we want you to jump on board too.


Thriving Lifestyles is not a challenge or a 'short term solution'. It's a movement of healthy living that's founded on what works for you!

We all have a choice, and we choose to Thrive!


Let's create your healthy lifestyle!


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