Investigating... Let's get my body THRIVING!

It's OK to take a little time out of your busy life to just focus on YOU.

So, what happened next? (this was 2016)

How often did I hear things like this... 'That’s great, no one actually wants to bleed', 'how good is it that you don't have to buy pads/tampons', 'No mood swings at that time of the month... no cravings...' etc.

It's not all it's cracked up to be, believe me.

When I didn't get my period, that's all I wanted, to have a regular cycle, to feel like a woman. It is the natural process of a women's body after all!

I began seeing a Naturopath who started me on some supplements and #natural herbs. I was seeing her for a while but still having no luck.

Don’t get me wrong, everything I was doing for my #health was amazing, I was feeling the best I had ever felt. I had so much energy, mental clarity, I was happy and I was feeling stronger than ever before.

There was just one little missing piece of my puzzle. My Period.

Now Dave and I were not in a position where we wanted kids right away but it was certainly playing on my mind. One day, of course we wanted to start a family of our own. This was starting to become more of a reality to me that my body was perhaps going to struggle in that department.

It was suggested to me that I see my GP for a referral to get an ultrasound to investigate any underlying issues within my #reproductive system. Perhaps there was more to the story.

This was tough. I felt like I had been trying so hard, I was the healthiest I had ever been. Why was this so difficult? Why was my body not doing what it was meant to do? I started having thoughts, 'Why me!?'

I was feeling very defeated.

But I knew further investigation was necessary by this stage. Hopefully now I would start getting some answers.

After routine bloods, hormone tests and an ultrasound I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). My initial reaction was, 'Of course I do. Just another thing wrong with my body!' 'Why me?'. But then I got out of my pity party and thought, right, I can do this! Let's look at ways I can help my body thrive in this environment.

I wasn't going to let this get me down, I purchased another program with Nat Kringoudis and did lots of research on #PCOS and fertility. It wasn't all as negative as I first thought. Once again, I was back on the positive train and thought, how can I help myself?

I continued to see my #Naturopath but added in an Acupuncture session once a month. I had read about acupuncture treatment for both fertility and MS (separately), so I thought, what have I got to lose?

By the way, for anyone interested, my MS doesn’t seem to have any correlation to my missing period. I have done a lot of research and can’t seem to find much on a connection between the two or fertility for that matter.

I continued with Acupuncture every month, with no prevail. However, I soon realised how great it was for my mental/emotional health. I really do enjoy the sessions. I did feel guilty taking this time out for myself each month (and finding no results which was the initial idea of doing it in the first place) but knowing how good it is for our bodies, I have learnt to not feel this way.

My health IS important and Dave is amazing. He is so understanding when it comes to anything I am doing to improve/maintain my own #wellbeing.

I have hit the jackpot, BEST HUSBAND EVER!

Yet, I felt helpless. Nothing I was doing seemed to make any difference. Sometimes I would think, what is the point, why am I doing all these things? There are girls out there that party every weekend, eat unhealthy and they have their periods, they're ‘normal’. Why is it that I seem to be doing everything 'right' yet I am getting nowhere?

It has been a hard road…

But I was living this lifestyle for my #MS and it made me feel great, physically and emotionally. I wasn't about to give that up, I wasn't about to just give up on it all!

I truly #believe that everything we go through in life is a lesson to be learnt and it is part of our story. I have learnt so much along my journey and it took me a while to fully appreciate and understand that.

Everything that has happened in my life has been for a reason and I am so grateful. I don't resent or regret a thing and I am a #stronger person for having gone through it all.

Life is not linear. Challenges are opportunities for growth and boy, have I (we) grown!

I hope you continue following me along this journey.

Health and Happiness,

Jess xx

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