This Program is a step-by-step guide to follow along over the next 6 weeks. This program is designed for you, if you love resistance training, going to the gym and building the body of your dreams while also creating healthy habits and routines that improve your lifestyle. 


The 6 Week Burn & Thrive has a core focus of exercising regularly and eating well while also creating small, healthy habits over time that enhance the quality of your life. These habits are designed to gel seamlessly into your lifestyle, with no hassle or hard work. There are no magic tricks or quick fixes here, just real, sustainable results.


What’s in the program:

Program Outline - How to really get your ‘Thrive’ on!


Habits 101 - How to Start New Habits That Actually Stick

                    - List of Key Habits to Start Implementing One-By-One


Nutrition Guidelines - Food for Thought

                                     - Tips for Improving Your Nutrition


Menu Planning - Weekly Menu Planner


Goal Setting - SMART Goals Are Effective Goals


Results Tracking - Weight, Measurement, Photos, Questionnaire


Mini Motivator Challenge - Build That Squat!


Exercise - Resistance Training Program and Weekly Habits

6 Week Burn & Thrive - Gym Edition


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