• ‘My vision:
I lead a conscious life, creating joy and happiness for myself. I feel energised and live a high quality life with my family and friends.’

• Great to see you all and learn how your week has gone 💚 and look forward to hearing how your next week goes. It's great to be hear with you guys.’

• ‘Ticking off another goal this week, Wellness Walk with a girlfriend. 🙌’

• ‘Absolute gratitude for you all💕 Jess & Dave, could not be more thankful to you both, for who you are, what your here for and the messages you spread. Keep shining that bright light, the world needs more people like you two. Probs not appropriate right now, ha but may totally give you both one big squeeze hug when I see you next! ❤️
Hope everyone is proud of themselves for what they have created in the last 4 weeks, and what your continuing to achieve🙏🧡’

'Since our zoom call on Monday night. Like by the sounds most of us, I’m feeling very positive and confident with working towards my goals.

I’ve completed my second walk for the week. Where even though it wasn’t a wellbeing walk as we have spoke about. I was able to do some really good thinking, assess myself and my priorities and to really work through what I want out of my goals.

I feel different, as you spoke about this morning Dave, that stop yourself from going full blown on your goal but bit by bit. And that is exactly it. It’s like I’ve given myself permission to do it in small bits and that it doesn’t have to happen all at once. It’s really a 'light bulb' moment.'

“It’s a GREAT feeling to have a positive mindset. Makes it easier to achieve GOALS 🙌”

“The support and encouragement from this group has been amazing.”

“I just wanted to thank all you lovely ladies for the support and encouragement shown to everyone in this group. The journey has not finished and that support and encouragement is still being shown. Keep kicking goals.”